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Internationally-known actor Mauricio Islas returns to television with the Azteca America super-production Cielo Rojo, starring Edith González, Regina Torné, Hugo Stiglitz, Andrea Noli, Lambada García, Aura Cristina Geithner and an excellent supporting cast.

Mauricio Islas is a Mexican actor, television host, entrepreneur and producer.  His acting career began at an early age in the telenovela Carrusel de las Américas, but his first starring role came in 1998 in the telenovela Preciosa, a project that launched his career and opened the doors for many new opportunities.

In 2004, Mauricio travelled to Miami to work on projects including Prisionera, Amores de Mercado, and Pecados Ajenos, among others.  He has been awarded the Premio ERES and the Premio Arlequín.  His fashion sense was honored by People en Español with the “Reconocimiento a los 4 Caballeros de la Moda” and he won the Elegancia award given by the largest department store chain in Mexico.

His work in film include Punto y Aparte directed by Paco del Toro, the Fermín Gómez film Don de Dios, and La Casa de las Sanaciones opposite veteran actress Christian Bach.  He is currently filming Viento en Contra and produced his first documentary exploring the death of Marilyn Monroe with producer/director Keya Morgan. The last year, Mauricio returned to hispanic Television with La Loba (2010).

Mauricio has become one of the most important actors in Mexico and the United States and he returns with Cielo Rojo.