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The controversial and charismatic Daniel Bisogno has a long show business track record.  Not only is he a radio host in Mexico, he has also appeared on television, film and theater.

He has found success as both an actor and a television and radio host.

On film, he has acted in movies including Ya Nunca Más (Never Again)and Fieras Contra Fieras.  His theater credits include Los Tenis Rojos, Mamá Ama el Rock, and the hit El Tenorio Cómico.  On radio he has worked on both La Taquilla and El Mameluco.

He has hosted Desafío de Estrellas on television and in 2010 served as a judge on the reality show Segunda Oportunidad.

Currently he can be seen on Ventaneando America, where he has acquired a large fan base owing to his charisma, incisive critiques and barbed sense of humor.