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Erasmo Catarino

The indisputable winner of the fourth season of La Academia, Erasmo Catarino was born in Xalpatláhuac, a small town in the Mexican state of Guerrero.  His musical talent was evident from a very early age, though his bachelor’s degree is in elementary education from the Instituto de Estudios Universitarios in Puebla. 

He set aside his dream of making music to work as a teacher at a school for indigenous communities, but in 2004, he joined the fourth season class of La Academia, where his personality, dedication, and great voice quickly demonstrated he was among the best that season.  He won the hearts of viewers with his renditions of La Manzanita, Debut y Despedida and La Chica Fresa” among4other songs.

Currently, “The Count of Xalpatláhuac,” as he has come be known, has been performing around Mexico and California.

He won a gold record for his album Erasmo: El Conde de Xalpatláhuac and in 2006 released his second album, A Toda Banda.  2007 saw the release of his most recent album, Por un Amor.