About Us




About Us

We are a Spanish speaking broadcast network providing original content to the Hispanic audience in most of the United States

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of TV Azteca, one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world.

Programming Highlights

We have refined and refocused the programming strategy at Azteca: Changing and adapting our programming line-up to keep up with current trends and the viewing preferences of our audience.

Our strategy is to offer the most compelling, culturally-relevant entertainment and information in Spanish, bringing fresh, unique and exciting new programs to complement our roster of popular hits:

  • We are scheduling only original programs in prime time.
  • Our progress speaks our audience in their own language.
  • And most important, our programming speaks to their culture.

Our programming strengths include live broadcasts of Mexico's premier soccer league, as well as top entertainment, talk shows, reality programs, network and local news, in addition to telenovelas and other scripted series.


Azteca broadcasts in the main Hispanic markets nationwide, in addition to carriage on cable, satellite and mobile platforms through affiliation and services agreements with U.S. partners. The Network also operates directly through stations in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and San Francisco, and has strong presence where most of the U.S. Mexican community lives. We have 14 offices located throughout the major Hispanic cities to service our clients.

Social Responsibility

Azteca recognizes Social Responsibility as imperative to give to the communities we serve and make business in through the initiative and campaigns our own Fundación Azteca America.